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Moving Checklist: How to Stay Happy and Healthy When Your Location Changes

In today’s changing economy, companies are making a lot of changes to stay relevant, efficient and productive. Sometimes those changes mean asking employees to pack up and move to somewhere new, which is easier said than done. Whether you’re moving across the country, or just one town over, it’s important to make your family’s health and wellness your top priority.

Here are some tips to create a smooth and healthy transition to your new home.

  • Give yourself a fresh start – Before the move, be sure to thoroughly check medicine cabinets and pantries for old medications. Safely dispose of all medications with past expiration dates to ensure the safety of your family. Never flush or throw away old medicines, as this could lead to accidental or intentional misuse of the unneeded med If you’re not sure where to dispose of the medications, call the DEA Office of Diversion Control’s Registration Call Center at 1-800-882-9539 or go online to find an authorized collector in your community. 
  • Get to know your new home – Research where you’re moving before you go, so you can understand what it’s like to be a local. Of course, moving up north means longer, colder winters, but it also means you may need more Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to help your body adjust. You may expect warmer temperatures if you’re moving south, but not heat exhaustion, heat rash or even heat stroke that can result from exercising outside in the summer months. Find out what produce is grown locally for the freshest, healthiest, farm-to-table flavors. Websites like Groupon, can connect you with local happenings and offer great deals, so you can get to know your new area without breaking the bank. 
  • Find Your New Healthcare Providers – Big moves could mean big changes in your family’s medical care. Scan all of your medical records and save them in a secure place so nothing slips through the cracks when you transition to a new healthcare provider. Keeping a running list of allergies, hospital visits, medications and illnesses for each member of your family can come in handy when getting to know your new doctor. This Consumer Reports article has great steps for finding a new doctor for everyone in your family. 
  • Get the Best Deals – Utilize websites and programs to get the best deals on things you’re already buying for your family. Memberships to sites like Thrive Market, which ships discounted organic food and lifestyle products right to your door, can save you hundreds of dollars a year. By participating in prescription discount programs like Community Cares Rx, you’ll have free unlimited access to resources that may help you save money. Online tools allow program participants to locate a pharmacy and research drug pricing and availability, providing an extra layer of support and convenience in the pharmacy shopping experience.

By making the most of these tips, you can save money and make a smooth transition to your new home.

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