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Health Insurance Survey Finds 80 Million Were Unable to Afford the Health Care They Needed in 2012

According to data from the Commonwealth Fund, a New York-based nonprofit group, which advocates for better health care, almost half of working-age adults in the U.S. had inadequate health insurance or no coverage at all in 2012.

As reported by Bloomberg, the report also found that about 84 million were uninsured or under-insured – 20 million more than in 2003. Of the 84 million people cited by the group, about 55 million were completely uninsured during 2012. About 30 million were under-insured, meaning they had coverage that provided “inadequate protection from health-care costs,” measured by the ratio of out-of-pocket health care costs compared with their income, according to the Fund.

The survey also detailed that U.S. citizens are increasingly refraining from necessary health care measures because they simply cannot afford it. The Fund reported that in 2012, 80 million people responded that they did not go to the doctor when they were sick or did not fill a prescription due to cost. These reports of abstaining from needed health care measures rose substantially from 2003, when the Fund reported that 63 million people did not pursue health care because of cost.

“Although health care practices have made it cost prohibitive for nearly 84 million people without insurance and prescription benefits to receive the treatment they need, discount pharmacy plans, such as the programs provided by Paramount Rx, are actively addressing this issue to help promote wellness and equal access to affordable health care,” said Paramount Rx President Philip Escaldi.

Paramount Rx has developed a consumer-driven discount prescription card program to help solve the challenges of uninsured and under-insured consumers. There are no costs for consumers to receive a discount card which enables access to affordable prescription drugs for their families and pets. Card holders and family members simply present the discount card to the pharmacist each time they fill a prescription. Average savings are approximately 36 percent off retail prices. There are no deductibles or maximum benefit levels and no exclusions for pre-existing health conditions.

All prescription drugs are included and online tools help consumers find the best prices and pharmacy locations across the nation. The card is accepted at more than 54,000 pharmacies, including all major U.S. chains. Some organizations currently benefitting from a relationship with Paramount Rx include state and local governments, non-profit organizations, financial institutions and industry trade organizations.


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