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Top 3 Health Care Concerns from 2012

According to a 2012 health care consumer survey by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, one of the world’s largest management consulting firms, health care affordability is increasingly becoming a problem for consumers. The report states that economic uncertainty has clearly altered spending habits and confidence in insurance plans, leaving an increasing amount of Americans unhappy with their available options.

Paramount Rx, a full-service prescription benefits manager (PBM) focused on consumer-driven health care, analyzed the results of the study to identify the following cost-related consumer concerns:

1.    Costs are continuing to rise
Nearly one-third of survey respondents reported that their household’s health care spending increased compared to the previous year, with nearly half of respondents not noticing a decrease in health care cost.

2.    Consumers are sacrificing to save money
Cost considerations are continuing to contribute to consumers’ decisions not to seek care from a doctor when in need of medical assistance due to sickness or injury. An alarming 46 percent of respondents skipped health care for cost-related reasons in 2012, and another 58 percent delayed or forewent treatment due to related concerns.

3.   Consumers are losing confidence in their insurance
Most consumers with commercial or government-sponsored health insurance programs felt comfortable with their level of health insurance security; however this figure is steadily declining over time, with 91 percent of consumers reporting health insurance confidence in 2011 dropping to 84 percent in 2012. Additionally, almost one in five insured consumers reported feeling somewhat “insecure” that their insurance plan will protect them from the financial-related impacts of health care.

Addressing these issues and consumer concerns, Paramount Rx has taken a consumer-first approach to provide a solution for an industry in which current practices have made it cost prohibitive for the nearly 60 million people without insurance and prescription benefits, or others with gaps in prescription benefit coverage due to high deductibles, to receive the treatment they need. Discount pharmacy plans are one of the many measures being adopted to promote wellness and self-care, as well as, address health needs and finance health care.

Paramount Rx believes that, regardless of employment status, prescription drugs should be affordable and accessible for all Americans. To this end, Paramount has created a network of over 54,000 pharmacies across the nation for its customers to offer a no-cost prescription discount program that provides an average savings of 36 percent off retail pricing.

Paramount Rx discount cards are valid for all family members and there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. To learn more visit

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