Welcome To Paramount Rx
welcome image Paramount Rx was formed by a team of industry experts in an effort to create a PBM that effectively bridges the relationship between the employer, the consumer, and the pharmacy industry. Tailored plan designs, effective cost sharing strategies, transparent pricing among all parties, and lower drug costs are all integral factors leading to our success. Healthcare reform is once again on the forefront of national concern. The healthcare industry as a whole has been evolving for decades and some of the most challenging and significant changes are still yet to come. Drug costs have been escalating drastically and forcing everyone to dig deeper into their pockets to maintain the same coverage they had just a few years ago. Paramount Rx has committed to developing new industry standards to help manage these costs for our clients. In an effort to assist the millions of Americans who are either uninsured or underinsured, Paramount Rx provides access to a national discount network of over 54,000 participating pharmacies, for a list of just some of our national and regional participating pharmacies click here. The Paramount Rx Prescription Discount Program aims to do its part in helping to reduce those affected by escalating medical costs. Savings through the Paramount Rx Network can range from up to 20% on brand drugs and 70% on generic drugs. For more information on the Paramount Rx Prescription discount program click here.